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There are different kinds of therapies that have to do with a persons choice to decide to help himself. But when it comes to children, things are different and the best therapy I would recommend is playtherapy.

Playtherapy helps children express, explore and feel their emotions through play. Play is the natural medium with which a child communicates, expresses , explores and understands his world.  In the environment created through play therapy the child feels security and trust and with the therapist’s help he will be able to come closer with his inner world and bring out feelings and emotions that with another kind of therapy would be difficult, maybe impossible. As a result, this child will develop a high self esteem and inner strength in order to face life ‘s difficulties.

Children that:
  • Have encountered loss (grief, divorce, change of environment),
  • Have been abused (emotionally, physically, verbally)or neglected,
  • Have encountered serious illness or a close person’s illness,
  • Have lived in environments where there is substance abuse (gambling, alcohol, drugs),
  • Have trouble with their behavior towards others (school, home). Children with aggressiveness or depression,
  • Have the need to express themselves and play creatively by exploring different aspects of their personality,
Can benefit from homeplay!

Homeplay’s rules and beliefs

In homeplay parents can choose what they prefer for their children (hours, method, days) or prefferably ask for a diagnostic meeting so that the therapist can help them find what would be best for his child.


In creative playing we always use playtherapy techniques which are considered to be the base of homeplaying.

We can always arrange to form groups of children (not more than 3) but only if  this does not interfere with the childs healthy development. Priority is given to the child’s needs.

The therapist is always in contact with a child’s parents.

The therapist is never left alone in the house with the child. However, there is always a personal room for the therapist and the child where no interruption will be allowed.

The hour of homeplaying is sacred to the child and parents will have to show respect.

 Homeplaying begins ONLY when the child agrees that he really wants to do it. Parents wanting it is not enough.

 If you really believe in homeplay then  it works even better!