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Natalie Sampas
Natalie Sampas has been working with children for over 12 years now. In the beginning as a volunteer in organizations and schools for children with special needs as well as in special olympics.

After having finished her studies in psychology (bachelor of science), she completed her masters degree (MSc) in developmental psychology at the University of Sussex, Uk.  In addition to this, she was also trained in therapies for autistic children using Dr. Lovas techniques in London.

After all that she returned to  Greece where she decided to attend a 4-year seminar course and education in playtherapy and dramatherapy, which had been the reason she started working with children . She started working on her own cases, always with the supervision of proffesional  and trained therapists in order to be able to help families and children the best way she can.

Through all this experience with children there was a parents’ need that came out: they would want someone experienced and educated inside their home to play creatively with their child and for and hour or two he would also GIVE them the stimuli needed for their healthy and creative development. After that the idea was born. Homeplay.

2 year -old children that still have not managed to say words, children with social difficulties, children of divorced parents, children that have an issue with the younger sibling, or just children that feel young artists and want to develop this arty side of them, can be helped with homeplay. Quality play, educative, creative in your own place for parents that want to offer this “luxury”  to their children.

It is not babysitting, its all about opening up, creation,, especially suited for their needs.

And if you don’t have a clue about the healing effects that play has in children’s heart and minds…then maybe this is the time to know it personally!

Welcome to homeplay!