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Children….toys….life… you never stop searching and trying the best you can do for them as parents. For that I am sure about. I see and experience this everyday through the families  I work with.

Many of the parents I work with feel the need to use their children’s free time creatively in order for them to be able to develop more aspects of their personality

Nowadays, many parents are so busy that they don’t have quality time to spend with their kids. Therefore, children spend many hours with grandma or “nanny” instead.  As a result, the few hours that someone spends time with them are not enough to provide the stimuli needed for their emotional development

Children need to get in touch with their senses: objects to touch, to smell, to taste, to observe, to explore. Play, which is the natural way that a child expresses himself, will provide the stimuli needed and plays a significant role in his/her development. There are so many beautiful toys out there, however they are part of a beautiful but artificial toy world.

There are other toys that children would love…sand, water, grass, wooden blocks, flowers…all they need is imagination and  big appetite!

Some hours of homeplaying during the week are more than enough in order to contribute to the child’s creative development and imagination. In addition to this, for whatever is going on in your child’s mind and emotions, I will be there to help him express it through the magic world of play.

The emotional intensification and self esteem that a child acquires through these meetings can become useful for their life as adults.

Next time you will want to make a present to your kid, instead of  adding one more toy to his collection, you can get him some quality hours in the magical world of homeplay!

Natalie Sampas